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Test Standards:

Plus many IEC, ISO, ANSI, MIL-STD, IEEE, CSA, NOM/NMX and SAE standards.

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Why Reliance Laboratories?

LESS EXPENSE. Reliance Laboratories has made a significant investment in test equipment, test automation equipment and skilled testing personnel. You don’t have to invest your capital in rarely-used resources. You can get exactly the help you need, when you need it, from Reliance Laboratories.

EXPERIENCE. Reliance Laboratories’ staff has decades of experience conducting agency certification and product design verification testing to a wide variety of ANSI and private standards. We know how to do it right.

EXPERIMENTATION. If you want to try a concept or conduct a “what if” experiment away from the prying eyes of your certification lab, Reliance Laboratories is the place to go. We are a completely independent testing laboratory, unaffiliated with any NRTL.

AVAILABILITY. If you do much outside testing, you know the frustration of lack of laboratory availability – jammed-tight schedules, a day here and a day there, can’t come back for weeks. Run your testing at Reliance Laboratories and relax. We always expect the unexpected. If you need to run a few days longer, we’ve got you covered. Reliance Laboratories can automate your test and let it run for weeks at a very attractive price.

ENGINEERING SUPPORT. Certification laboratories cannot offer advice on how to fix your design if it fails – but Reliance Laboratories can and will do just that. We have a pool of engineers who can provide you with real-world advice based on years of experience. We also have advanced diagnostic tools such as high speed video motion analysis that can give immediate answers to the question, “Why did it do that?” We want to see you succeed – that way, you’ll come back with more projects.

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